Bridal Braiding

Hair-up supremo Anne Veck’s step by step guide to beautiful bridal braiding…


bridal braiding 1 to 3

1. Section the hair in half from ear to ear. Prep the hair by crimping the roots slightly to give more grip.

2. Start with two sections and cross them over, behind the ear.

3. Bring a third section from the hair line, place it in the middle of the previous two and twist over it.

bridal braiding steps 4 to 6

4. Keep twisting the section and adding in hair pieces following the middle parting.

5. Follow the middle parting.

6. Once you reach the other corner, keep twisting the hair and attached sections just behind the ear.

bridal braiding steps 7 to 9

7. Flip the loose hair forward and start taking sections from the point of distribution.

8. Keep adding the sections and twist at the same time.

9. Keep the rope plait low in the nape.

bridal braiding steps 10-12

10. Twist the ponytail too.

11. Flip back the top section and add it to the twist.

12. Tuck back the plait creating a crown on the head.

bridal braiding


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