The Valkyries by Anne Veck

Inspired by the mythical Valkyries, this avant garde look embodies a fierce warrior woman with an element of fantasy. Anne Veck demonstrates the weaved weft method to creating this other-worldly style.

Step 1

Start on the edge of the weft. Take two strands and cross over.

Step 2

Add a third strand in the middle of the previous two. Leave it loose.

Step 3

Keep adding small strands of hair in the middle of the twist.

Step 4

Keep each strand small and of regular size.

Step 5

Keep going until you run out of hair.

Step 6

Start the second row by taking the first two strands on the edge of the piece and twist them.

Step 7

Using the same strands as in the previous row, keep adding them to the middle of the twist.

Step 8

Keep adding rows until you run out hair.

Step 9

Complete the weft.

Step 10

Create a high base before positioning the hair pieces.

Step 11

Use two pieces for the style.

Final look

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