Towering Inferno by Giuseppe of Guy Kremer International

Giuseppe of Guy Kremer International was inspired to create this look by the tall, dancing flames of a log fire.


Step 1

Use a pintail comb to section off hair.

Step 2

Continue to section.

Step 3

Bring the hair to the top of the head and secure into place with bobby pins.

Step 4

Backcomb the hair until it can stand up alone.

Step 5

Begin to form the hair into the quiff shape.

Step 6

Use a grooming brush to smooth the back hair upwards and add to the quiff.

Step 7

Use L’Oréal Professionnel Techni.Art Fix Anti-Frizz to secure the quiff into place.

Step 8

If your client is feeling adventurous add some spray-in, wash out colour.

Final look

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