The Ball by Anne Veck

Anne Veck unleashes her creativity with Balmain Hair Couture, crafting an avant garde masterpiece that is both bold and beautiful.


Step 1

Prepare the hair by first applying mousse and then blow-dry.

Step 2

Back-comb each section then straighten and brush it out, changing the texture of the hair to make it more malleable.

Step 3

Fix a doughnut on the crown, in line with the profile of the nose.

Step 4

Place added hair underneath the doughnut.

Step 5

Build up the shape with synthetic hair, securing with a hair net.

Step 6

Brush the added hair on to the shape. Secure an elastic band around the base to create a narrowing.

Step 7

Comb the model’s hair over the entire shape created.

Final look

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