Cover Uncovered

Darren Ambrose and Clayde Baumann of D&J Ambrose break down our showstopping April cover look for you…


“We at D&J are very excited to release our Spring/Summer trend collection for 2017. One of the trends showcased, is the bright and effervescent trend: PsychoTropical. This trend features bright, psychedelic colour movement to accompany summer-print textiles and beautiful, sun-kissed skin tones. The trend is defined by vibrant palettes and prints rendered by digital engineering and warped, visual cues borrowed from nature. The palette includes shades such as Cerulean Blue, Showstopper-Copper and Tropical Cycad.”

– Clayde Baumann

Step One

Hair was originally a pre-existing, pre-lightened head of hair. Shampooed and dried, ready for pre-pig!

Step Two

Hair is pre-pigmented with /34 Perfecton by ColorFresh. Then dried into the hair.

Step Three

Directly over dried pre-pig, Formula is 60g Wella Professionals Relights /43 mixed on a 1:2 ratio with Wella ColorTouch 1.9% developer.


“From a cut point of view, it’s a precision cut at the back to maintain weight and length in the back area. We separated a large teardrop section at the front and cut sloping forward to the mouth for a disconnected effect that contrasted to the length. Styling-wise, I used Natural Volume and Dry Me from EIMI before tonging on a large ghd tong to create twisted movement whilst keeping the front straighter.

I then shook this out for a more lived-in texture. We then added a wet vinyl finish on one side. Using a high gloss plastic, I cut rectangular shapes in both black and pink and lay across the surface of the wet side of the hair.

Taking a look from the stage to the cover involves a few tweaks. Creating something in real time from the naked eye, and then allowing natural movement to take over the hair. Working it for the cover is important to look at from a camera lens point of view. We just brushed and groomed the hair out slightly, tweaking areas where the hair bent in texture for an exaggerated look that translates well on camera.”

– Darren Ambrose

Make-up and styling by Jackie Ambrose

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