Winter Braids

Winter Braids

Winter Braids

Winter is here, and so are winter braids! Marlon Hawkins of Brooks & Brooks breaks down this stunning braided look for you to recreate in your salon.

1. Apply a grease product throughout the hair. This will give you hold and definition while braiding.

2. Starting at the crown take a slight curved section up to the hairline, rope braid that section up to the hairline and secure with elastic.

3. When rope braiding it is key to twist the two strands before crossing over into the stich (twist clockwise - cross over anti-clockwise)

4. With the next braid take it not from the crown but a little lower and still on the curve (this will help with the look of spinning)

5. Take the end of the braids and rope braid round the head like a halo.

6. Grip in and secure and pull out tendrils to exaggerate the shape.

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