Just another Manic Blue Monday...

Just another Manic Blue Monday...

Just another Manic Blue Monday...

Manic Panic Brand Ambassador and Innoluxe Sponsored Stylist Charlotte McKenna gets going with her first colour column for us! This month she's talking jewel tones...

Hiya! Im Charlotte and this is my new monthly column talking everything vivid! 

Each month i will be letting you in to my little colour world and giving you the most up to date formulas and trying out key trends.

This month im talking Jewel tones. Deep blues and Greens were seen on the Karl Lagerfeld catwalk, he gave Gigi Hadid a rich dark blue and Kendall Jenner a deep green. 

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*Remember once you give your client blue or green its a commitment and a pain to remove*

Manic Panic Professional Line


Earlier this year after celebrating 40 years of bold colour Tish & Snooky launched their amazing new colour line. The new line lasts through 40+ shampoos and is a semi-translucent gel formula for a stained glass-like application. Formulated with castor seed oil and lactic acid for smooth, shiny and healthy hair.
The gentle acidic formula helps to close the hair’s cuticle and lock in colour. The line consists of 11 inter-mixable shades + 'Pastel-izer' to create delicate pastel shades. No developer required and its vegan friendly.

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*UK readers use code: CHARLIE10 for 10% off your first order!*


Before: Natural level 4 with faded vivids. Ends already pre-lightened and needing blending.


Formula 1: Igora with 6% and Innoluxe ReBond
Formula 2: Manic Panic Professional 30g Blue Velvet + 10g Smoke Screen + 10g Classic Line Raven
Formula 3: Manic Panic Professional 30g Serpentine Green + 10g Smoke Screen
Formula 4: Manic Panic Professional 20g Violet Velvet + 20g Smoke Screen.
Formula 5: Manic Panic Professional 20g Blue Velvet + 10g Smoke Screen.

*By adding Smoke Screen to your formulas it smokes it out, gives your colour depth and gives it a metallic shine.*


Apply Formula 1 in fine weaves over the parting in a mohawk section.



Around the hair line, feather balayage to contour around the face. Leave for 30 minutes until a level 9.



Wash with shampoo, DON'T condition.



Towel dry hair, the professional line can go on damp hair.



Starting at the nape of the neck apply Formula 2 into Formula 3. Using the darker colour to blend in natural colour and add depth. In slices blend in Formula 2 to 4, 2 to 5 and 2 to 3. Always using Formula 2 at the root area.



Leave for 30 minutes at room temperature.



Wash in cold water no shampoo and apply Innoluxe Balance Plus for 10 minutes then rinse.



I used Innoluxe Elixir as my styling product and dried on a cool heat before using ghds to finish.



*Remember to remind your client not to wash their hair for a few days to let the colours settle in and to always wash in very cold water and with a sulfate-free shampoo.*

See you next month where I will let into my mad manic colour world and show you more formulas.


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