Grown up embellishment

Grown up embellishment

Grown up embellishment


Step 1. Prep your client's hair using the ghd straight and smooth spray to create a straighter and smoother base whilst protecting from heat damage.

Step 2. Starting at the parted side, blow-dry hair with a ceramic radial brush. Work in one inch horizontal sections directing the air flow away from the root towards the ends of the hair. 

Step 3. Keep the ends of the hair wrapped around the brush for a few seconds and use the cool shot button on your hair dryer to set the hair into the shape of the brush to achieve a soft, bevelled finish.

Step 4. Using the ghd platinum styler, create a high shine finish and bevel the ends of your client's hair by rotating the styler 90° downwards towards the head. 

Step 5. Place the accessories intricately into your desired areas to finish the look and add some sparkle. 

Tip: for an up to date look keep the accessories to the side of the head and gathered around eye level. 

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