Central Colouring

Central Colouring

Central Colouring

Formula 1: Naturlite + 6% Cream Activator

Formula 2: 8CR + Extra Bright Orange + 3% Liquid Activator

Step 1. Take a two-inch section from below the parting and clip this out of the way. Taking a thick central section, weave the hair ready for lightening.

Step 2. Insert a perspex sheet beneath the weaved section. 

Step 3. Apply Formula 1 two inches from the root of the section as far down the hair as desired. We've taken this right to the ends of the hair. 

Step 4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 up to the parting, leave a thin veil of hair at the top which will fall over your colour band. Rinse and shampoo but do not condition. 

Step 5. Apply Formula 2 to your prelightened sections (to enrich our models natural colour we coloured the rest of her hair with 5GD + 5CR)

Step 6. Style as desired. 

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