Simon Harris: Retaining your Staff

Simon Harris: Retaining your Staff

Simon Harris: Retaining your Staff

Simon Harris of mysalonmanager has been in the industry for over 40 years, owning and running a group of 16 salons with over 250 staff. In 2015 he decided to go into full time coaching and consultancy to help support other salon owners and managers to run successful and profitable businesses. In the first of a two-part series on staffing issues, here he looks at staff retention.

It’s always better to keep the staff you have got, than to continually recruit new members to replace those who have left. A salon owner should spend as much time retaining their staff as they do their clients.


The cost of losing staff

If a stylist takes £1,000 per week and leaves...

At least 40% (£400 per week) will leave with her/him...

So over two years: £41,600 cost to the business...

It takes two years to build a column for a new stylist...

Cost of wages, marketing etc: £31,200...

Total cost over two years: £71,800...


Six key things you must do

1. Engage with them regularly

2. Give regular feedback on their performance

3. Ensure you know and understand everyone’s personal goals - so their work goals can take them closer to their personal goals

4. Ensure the salon pay structure rewards the high achievers significantly more than the poor performers

5. Promote staff where possible based on performance

6. Listen to your staff: the greatest gift you can give your employees is YOUR time.


Nine common symptoms of sickly salon

1. Frequent complaints

2. Overwhelmed feelings

3. Lack of appreciation

4. Disengagement

5. Distance

6. Resisting change

7. Hoarding information

8. Selfish priorities

9. No-win situations.


Seven tips to a happy and motivated team

1. Employ staff with a great attitude

2. Protect and reinforce positive behaviour

3. Look for people doing things well and then tell them

4. Dig up, deal with and defuse potential negativity

5. Notice your energy sappers deal with them first

6. Do more energising tasks

7. Realise when it’s time to ‘move on’.


Happy staff = happy clients and will want your business to grow and succeed. Happy and motivated staff will accept that sometimes things get a bit ‘bumpy’ but will be resilient enough to work through it.

Simon Harris is the owner and founder of mysalonmanager, and has helped hundreds of salon owners and managers build and run great businesses.

Get in touch now by emailing, or call, 07860 651 084.

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