Nergish Wadia-Austin: Top 5 tips to hire the best candidate for the job

Nergish Wadia-Austin: Top 5 tips to hire the best candidate for the job

Nergish Wadia-Austin: Top 5 tips to hire the best candidate for the job

In this piece, Nergish Wadia-Austin discusses the top 5 management tips for hiring the best candidate for the job, looking at how you should understand the job you are recruiting for and have ideal candidate specifications, as well as how to keep the whole process fair and why a trade test should be completed before making a final decision.

1. Understand the job you are recruiting for. Start by knowing why you are recruiting for that position. Are you replacing for that role or are you creating a new role? What results do you expect from that position/role? Are they financial or are they service standards driven?

2. Write down the ideal candidate specifications having based them on the job description. Work out the type of skills that will be required to make that role a success. What sort of prior knowledge and experience will the candidate possess in order to achieve the results?

3. Keep the whole process fair. You can do this by keeping a list of standard questions ready both in terms of asking the candidates and what sort of information you will be asked by the candidates about the job/role. Even when it comes to the trade test the list of practical tests should be the same for all and tested by the same expert, under the same circumstances. It goes without saying that doing this will have no prejudice and following the country's equal opportunities laws.

4. Trade test the short-listed candidates. Whether you are hiring a creative professional or a support team member, all shortlisted candidates must be trade tested in the same areas. For instance if the position is for a stylist, then all stylist applicants must be given the same number and style of haircuts to be tested. The same invigilator must give all candidates the same advantages. For instance, all should be given models or all must be asked to bring their own models. All must be given the same tools and the same instructions and the same length of time to complete the tasks. This should all be prewritten and shared in writing when required.

5. Making your decision. Based on your notes from the interviews and trade test performance, the candidates requiring the least amount of training is in fact the best candidate for the job!

Final word of caution, candidates lacking in skills and knowledge can always be trained in those areas but if their attitude is anything less than enthusiastic and positive, you are advised to reconsider hiring them!

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