Julie Eldrett: Step Two to Growing your Business

Julie Eldrett: Step Two to Growing your Business

Julie Eldrett: Step Two to Growing your Business

Julie Eldrett continues her series with Step Two of Six to Growing your Business

Following on from last month’s article where I reviewed the market place and customer’s needs, wants and desires, let’s move on to Step 2.

Before starting Step 2, here is a question for you… Did you answer the four questions I asked you about last month in Step 1? If your answer is no then please go back to Step 1. Really think about the questions and then answer them before moving on to Step 2. WHY? Because knowing more about yourself and the sort of business you want is a crucial part of helping you grow your business.

Quick Tip: Remember, if you do nothing then nothing will change!

If your answer is yes then let’s start Step 2…

Choosing the right people to interact with your customers.

To help you grow your business you will need a team of people who totally understand what is expected of them and where they fit in. For example, once you know what kind of business you want (Step 1) then that information will enable you to communicate this to the team.

Having the team totally understanding more about what you are trying to achieve, they can then start to see where they fit in.

How I see this working:

A) I would like you to think of your salon as a theatre and as the Salon Owner/Manager you are the director of the show and know exactly the story you want to communicate and how it will look and feel. Example, a thriller or a comedy would look and feel very different from each other wouldn’t they?

B) Now I would like you to imagine your salon floor as the stage of your show. You will need to set the scene and think how you want it to look and feel as it will need to give the right messages to match the story you are trying to communicate.

C) For the next part of your show I would like you to imagine your team as the cast who have a role to play on your stage. To communicate their role they need to be in the right costume and character to bring to life the story you are trying to communicate.

D) The final part of the performance to consider is the audience. The audience are your customers who sit in your salon watching, listening and feeling the kind of messages your team communicate while in their costume and character.

At this point let me ask you a very important question to consider, is the show being shown in your salon matching the story you are trying to communicate to your customers?

Quick Tip: Take a moment during a normal day to watch and listen to what kind of story is being communicated on your stage.

Now it’s over to you again to action anything in Step 2 that is relevant to you so you are ready for Step 3 next month. However don’t worry if you need clarification or help about any of my articles (as it’s difficult to explain everything in one article) just send me an email to arrange a free 45 minute call on the address below.



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