Julie Eldrett: Step Three to Growing your Business

Julie Eldrett: Step Three to Growing your Business

Julie Eldrett: Step Three to Growing your Business

Julie Eldrett continues her series with Step Three of Six to Growing your Business: Training your team to interact with customers. 

Do you want to grow your business? Continuing this month with Step 3 (of 6), training your team to interact with customers.

Before we start with Step 3, here is a question for you, Did you take any action after reading Step 2? If your answer is NO then please go back to Step 2 before starting Step 3.

WHY? Because knowing what kind of story is being communicated in your salon enables you to check it is the story you are wanting your customers to receive.

If you answered yes then let’s get started with Step 3… Training your team to interact with customers.

We must never forget we are in the people business and for me the two main assets you can have in a customer facing business are people and pride. Below is one of my favourite quotes from the Disney Institute that Walt Disney said… “You can design, create and build the most wonderful place in the world but it takes people to make the dream come true”.

In your salon you can’t do everything yourself. You will need a team of people who understand what you are trying to achieve and where they fit in. Good people know what is expected of them and are your salon’s greatest asset.

WHY? Because how you deal with your team will have a direct effect on how your team will deal with your customers and each other.

In my experience, showing appreciation and respect to the team along with praise helps to motivate them to want to do their job to the best of their ability.

I’m confident you will make sure the technical training is carried out to a very high standard in your salon. You may also send team members to learn new colouring and cutting techniques etc. but often forget the importance of effective communication skills and how this can have a direct effect on your business, none more important than now when the art of conversation and eye contact seems to be dwindling.

Most probably all of your customers want to be made to feel special, so the art of listening is invaluable as a salon owner/manager to be able to lead by example and help your team to feel you care about them.

WHY? Because by demonstrating your effective listening skills to your team members you are allowing them to feel important which is better and more powerful for them to understand how it feels, rather than just telling them what to do.

Quick Tip: If the information you receive informs you of what the team member’s goals or dreams are, then you can help them to work towards something they really want!

Having said all of that there will be times when you have to let someone know you are not happy with their performance. However, my suggestion would be to criticize the act, NOT the team member and communicate what you have to say in a positive manner to not spoil their morale. When training your team in any aspect of their job make sure you train with enthusiasm and set the pace for them to follow and lead by example. By demonstrating good work habits and displaying positive attitudes it will encourage a healthy team spirit where everyone thinks ‘success’.

Having pride in your salon is not enough. It’s your job as salon owner/manager to instill this feeling and to promote this attitude among all your team members.

WHY? If you look after your team, they in turn will look after your customers who in turn will help to grow your business.

Quick Tip: Your behaviour will breed behaviour in others.

Now it’s over to you to take some action again this month and remember just send me an email to arrange a complimentary call if you need some help.



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