Julie Eldrett: Step One to Growing your Business

Julie Eldrett: Step One to Growing your Business

Julie Eldrett: Step One to Growing your Business

Julie Eldrett begins Step One of Six to Growing your Business. 

This month I begin step one of six - “Understanding your market place and customers’ needs, wants and desires”.

However, before starting with Step one, we need to go back for a moment and look at where you are now. So to do that I would like you to do some preparation by answering a few questions… four in fact:

Are you someone who makes a plan and gets on with it but maybe needs some help to stay on track? OR are you someone who means to do one thing but doesn’t do anything and then wonders why nothing has changed or got better?

Either way I will be able to help you. If you resonate with the second question you may find it a little harder. However, if you do nothing, then nothing will change. It’s your business and your choice. I hope my articles for the next few months will help to inspire you to take some action.

Quick Tip: Don’t rush. Really think hard about your answers and make notes as it will help you with your plan. Why did you open your salon? Was it your dream/goal? Did you fall into owning it as it was someone else’s dream/goal or they offered to back you? What was your vision/goal for the salon? What did it look like in your mind? What did you want it to feel like? How did your customer service look and feel? Did you know what kind of team members you wanted? How would they look and communicate/interact with your customers?

Now at this point, after really thinking and answering all the previous questions, I hope you know more about yourself and the sort of business you want.

Quick Tip: One small change can make a BIG difference. Even if you only make one small change each month after reading my articles, you will be on your way to start working on your plan towards HOW you can grow your business.

Finally with all your preparation done let’s get started with Step One… Understanding your market place. To understand your market place, think about where your salon is situated. Do you get a lot of footfall or are you in a quiet area where potential customers don’t even know you are there? What messages do your windows tell passers-by? What does your salon say about you? Is it clean, tidy and well cared for? Take a look at other businesses in your area to see what their message is in their windows. What is your first impression? Is it in good order or is it in need of attention? (I often did this when I had my salons and I learned a lot!)

Quick Tip: We have Instagram and Facebook etc. so make sure whatever you send out has a positive, professional message and you have staged it.

Understanding your customers’ needs, wants and desires. This is crucial to your business growth. Let me explain further:

Customer Need = Functional Need. Maybe their hair is too long so they need a cut and blow-dry. Customer Want = Physical Benefit. Something that suits them or given options/advice. Customer Desire = Emotional Satisfaction. Leave feeling special/looking and feeling great.

It’s also very important to understand that everyone has a story. Things we worry about or that we can celebrate. Every customer who visits your salon has a story too and if you care enough to listen you may understand something about their story. Any information they share can help you make their day and at best by giving them a “Magic Moment”, to help them celebrate for instance or to make them feel better. Never forget we can’t change their circumstances but we CAN help them feel and look good!

Now it’s over to you to answer the questions and start writing your first step on your plan ready for next month’s article, as we will be dealing with Step Two and it’s all about the team. If you need any help to get you started then you know what to do…my email is below.



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